Friday, July 14, 2017

Angels Police Chief NOT BIASED???? He's a TRUMPER!!!!

   Angels Police Chief Todd Fordahl, the reckless driver, pot-bellied and apparently big boozer, actually stood up before the City Council to LIE, as all Trumpers do!!

   He told the public and council that he is NOT biased against cannabis!! Since we know that he's having a love affair with Jefferson Beauregard Session, Donald Trumpty Dumpty and all the rest, we know he LIES!!!  He is totally BIASED!! Stop lying Fordahl!!!

   We even heard he's been considering joining the local Calaveras KKK Project!! So STOP lying Fordahl and go walk your dog!!! He cannot be trusted to be an honest cop and everyone knows he's a reckless driver!!!


Anonymous said...

Fordal also likes the feamale perps. I think he should be fired. And you're right. He's in love with Trump!! Sick, sick, sich.

Anonymous said...

He loves meth users. once it tried to turn one in and he did nothing. something's wrong with him.