Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bait and Switch good for Calaveras Sheriff!!

"This is fun!  I really like
being a Sheriff!"
   In a press release the Calaveras Sheriff bragged about how they use the county permit process for cannabis to access, discover and then arrest those who were willing to go public and apply.

   Yes, the Bait and Switch is now legal in Calaveras County.  The photos the Sheriff provided show a clean and active grow site in Burson.  How nice for the Sheriff that the Supervisors and Planning Department are doing this for him, so he doesn't have to work.

   The real problem is that while the deputies are all out cutting cannabis down, they and the Sheriff ignore the growing BURGLARY problem in the county. No investigations, and NO response to
citizens who report REAL crimes!!

   And this SHERIFF wants to run for election in 2018???  Go get a real job, DiBasilio!!! Your
campaign committee "Friends of the Calaveras Sheriff" are out working for your re-election already,  we are told. 

    Do they claim to be a political PAC to the IRS???

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Anonymous said...

That sheriff bunch are clueless. without the planning dept. they would have no idea where to look. illegal??