Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveiras Campaign committee says....

   In separate anonymous comments we received this morning, Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira and temporary Sheriff DiBasilio ordered their campaign committees to make the following statements.

   One was on the article 'It's only a matter of time..." and the comment Oliveira and DiBasilio apparently ordered sent to the SierraSentinel.com was "Your dogs are f****** dead!" And then more filthy Oliveira language was used.

   The second one was on the article this morning 'Donate to PAWS'.   Yes, Oliveira and DiBasilio agree about how to treat animals, we believe. 

   This anonymous comment, laced with the usual Oliveira and DiBasilio filth was "Did you know if you wrap rat poisen (NO, they cannot spell, either) in turkey and throw it into your neighbors yard, their dogs will eat it?  Did you know that? I did!" Then Oliveira and DiBasilio's committee offered a blackmail that if they get sex from us, the dogs will live!!!

   Both Oliveira and DiBasilio are sick, filthy, racist human beings. These will be reported to the correct authorities, just like the others.

   We do believe that since DiBasilio is covering up for his and Oliveiras racist committee, that he will try and stop this investigation. 

   Sound familiar??  Sound like the Trump idiots?  You bet!!  They will be punished for their actions and threats!  KEEP reading the SierraSentinel.com. And vote for the honorable people running for office in 2018!!

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