Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Circular Firing Squad inside WH???

   The cover-up!  Ah, yes, the cover-up!  Where all investigations get their momentum. And no difference in the Trump White House.

   While Trumps apparently worthless attorneys go on TV to assist with the cover-ups, changing stories and outright lies, within the west wing, they are all blaming each other and in effect, have formed a circular firing squad to attempt to save themselves.  Who will survive???

  We know that Chris Cuomo of CNN, who conducted an amazing interview with both Kellyanne Convway yesterday and Jay Sekulow today, will survive. He was overwhelming them with FACTS, which the WH does not like; they only like their ALTERNATIVE FACTS!!!

 Who in the White House will survive is completely unclear.

    And the scandals continue!!

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Anonymous said...

The Trumps make Nixon look like an angel