Friday, July 21, 2017

Detwiler Fire Overwhelms CalFire comment

  Let's take the most recent comment we received first, because it is well-written and does not contain any vulgarity.

   From William Ray, 25 year professional firefighter.
( The comments in parentheses are those of the Sierra Sentinel writer)

  "I can understand your frustration, but please don't allow your ignorance of fire behavior (the words dumb, ignorant, idiot and stupid were common threads in the comments by CalFire), drive your opinion of tactics.

   You say that CalFire is unprofessional (actually, we said it is a huge bureaucracy) and needs to be replaced with a "professional fire department", what department would that be?   Are you willing to pay more taxes to fund it? 

   This fire took off and immediately exploded Sunday. The men and women on the ground (the criticism is not of those on the ground lines, but of upper management) are very well trained and did everything they could to keep it small.  Weather and conditions made that impossible.

   To try to do more, to just keep putting firefighters in front of fires like this is how you get firefighters killed. How many lives do we need to sacrifice before you think they're trying hard enough?  (No longer are firefighters put in any danger, and aircraft is called off if it is smoky, so stating their lives are constantly in danger is ludicrous)

 ( He then goes on to talk about how the public can get online training courses in wildland behavior.  This could be construed as brainwashing if it was a government agency--oh, it is a government agency)

   Thank you for your comments William Ray.




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