Friday, July 21, 2017

Detwiler Fire Overwhelms CalFire comments

   LanceBarnes13 talked about clear-cutting as the answer to fires.

   "Well, what really needs to happen is we need to do preventive maintenance on our lands clear and brush and put in fire breaks we need to spend 30 million dollars preventing fires instead of 60 million a fire fighting them off if our land wasn't covered in brush and duff in our forest and we burned stuff up more offeren putting in cogen plants marking power and cleared our land fires like this would be controlled and not be huge deviation!!!"  (HUH???)

   (Typical right-wing clear-cutter, hates the forest and the wildlife that attempts to live there. It is true that people have turned on CalFire ever since they enacted the insane FIRE FEE and are forcing homeowners to clear-cut so they don't have to put out fires. Mr. Barnes' promoting businesses like COGENT burning plants, saying we should GIVE them all our trees, bushes the animals need to survive, so that they can make money, is truly scary. Sounds like SPI talking! Have you Googled Calaveras County or the Stanislaus National Forest to see the CLEAR-CUTTING going on??)

 (And thank you Mr. McClintock, who is afraid of the woods!!!)

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