Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dogs best friend is NOT always MAN

   If you've ever watched your dog suffer due to poison from a crazy neighbor, you will understand how heart wrenching this story is.

   This wonderful dog was found moving inside a black plastic garbage bag. He was full of ticks, could not walk and had maggots all over him.

He was taken to a shelter and brought back to health, slowly but surely. This is not the one who was disposed of by a dirty cop recently in the news.
...and look at him now!!! One
of the good endings!
   This is yet another animal left to suffer when the owner is evil and should be locked up forever, just like anyone who causes an animal to suffer in any way.

   We say, let's lock them in a plastic bag they can't get out of and leave them there.

   No, dogs best friend is not always MAN!!!

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