Monday, July 10, 2017

Junior brags, denies, lies...about Russians

    Donald Trump, Jr. has contradicted himself (OR LIED) about his relationship with the Russians many times over the years.

   He once bragged about how much money Russians
invested in Trump real estate. Then he denied having any contact with Russians.

   Then over the past weekend he first said he met (IN TRUMP TOWER) with a Russian about ADOPTIONS?  Then Sunday changed again to meeting to get dirt on Clinton.

   Now he and his father says "the President knew NOTHING about the meeting, which included
Manifort and two others from the campaign.

   So, he didn't meet, did meet, didn't tell DADDY, talked about adoptions, didn't talk about adoptions, did take lots of money from Russians, never talked to Russians. Oh, brother!  Junior is trying to help get his father impeached. Thank you Junior!

   And we really believe that Daddy knew NOTHING about what was going on at Trump Tower??? Right!!!!!

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