Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hey, Calaveras deputy Kyle Johnson...bad cop???

Help!! Police!! It's a break-in!!
BY THE COPS?????  Yep!!
  We have been concerned for some time about the Calaveras deputy officer put 'in charge' of the Ebbetts Pass area. How close is he with District 3 Supervisor Oliveira, who is also BAD NEWS!!

   We've heard he likes doing warrant searches for women's
panties and now we have heard a massive complaint that he actually breaks into houses, because of a WRONG address.

   We've personally known he serves subpoenas to completely wrong people, and will go after anyone his parents don't like or women who won't go out with him.

  And the Grand Jury does NOTHING!!!! There needs to be a full investigation of this Calaveras Sheriff and the department he supposedly runs!!!

   We are also personally aware of Johnsons falsifying police reports. When this was reported, nothing was done. Complaints are thrown in the trash. We cannot support DI BASILIO for Sheriff!!

   He said he wasn't crooked or a drunk like Kuntz, but we see him chawing gum just like Kuntz did to hide the booze, and DiBasilio encourages dirty cops in his department.  This just cannot go on!!!


Anonymous said...

Who do you think trained johnson?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone know the first thing a cop learns is how to LIE, cheat and falsify forms???