Friday, July 14, 2017

Mayor of Angels City wants 20% sales tax -- RECALL!!!

   Now that the writing is on the wall, and the Calaveras County Grand Jury told the WORLD that the City of Angels is NOT worth its charter, the City Council says its just about

  The Mayor and one other religious council person who worships the crooked White House Trumpers, say CANNABIS is evil, GOD will punish you!!  BOOZE IS GOOD, THOUGH!!!

    They want, instead to raise our taxes, AGAIN!  Only 20% sales tax on everything should take care of all their high wages, benefits and retirements, right!!! BEHIEL??? 

     Incompetence, malfeasance and corruption are the name of the game at the City of Angels (no CAMP)!!


Anonymous said...

'bout time you wrote more about those freaks in angels. religion is running that crazy city, don't you know. and behiel is so dumb. Any sales tax is too much sales tax. They should all be recalled if they put that on any ballot.

Anonymous said...

And did you hear the chief of pol. stand up there and I saw the lawyer for the city call the regulation of cannabis a 'SCHEME". HE should be arrested for abuse of power.