Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Oliveira IS behind violence and threats???

   While we know that the Calaveras District 3 Supervisor was behind all the signs the Strohmeyers and Preston placed between our properties, only seen by US, in the last election, we had hoped he was not going to continue his criminal ways.

   However, after receiving more anonymous information about Mr. Oliveiras sick sexual desires or acts
with those in his campaign committee, and helpers, we are very concerned.  Everyone knows about all the wives he has had, but we aren't sure if everyone knows whether he prefers men or women now??  A very sick man!! SAD!!!

   What this leads us and others we've spoken with to believe, is that he must be behind all the violence and threats already going on in District 3.  How can ANYONE vote for this sicko????

  How does his current wife stay with him? None of the others did!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that debasilio is part of alltat fun. I've heard about his girlfriends and exes and such. cops like the jailbait, you know.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that some of the women who work at the county are pretty sick of hearing , 'yes, hon, or ok, luv," or other idiotic sweet talk. Can't they sue him?

Anonymous said...

Sue him? Maybe, but a well publicized complaint would be a great start