Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oliveira leader of violent racist thugs in District 3--Pretends to be a nice guy???

Only one of 7 campaign signs Karen Strohmeyer and
Mike Preston put up under orders from
Supervisor candidate Michael Oliveira, facing
ONLY our property, and NOT visible from ANY
street!!! This sign says 'strengthening our
communities" we believe through GUN VIOLENCE!!!
  It certainly isn't just the Sierra Sentinel and Morning Joe who are receiving threats and attempts at blackmail, using fear, intimidation and coercion to affect reporting.

   You write and agree with US racists, gun thugs and dirty cop lovers, and we won't bother you. If you don't, we will blow up your house, shoot up your property cause we know where you live, cut down all your trees, rape you while your husband watches, etc.

   The Sierra Sentinel, like Morning Joe, REFUSES to be coerced or intimidated, threatened or
blackmailed in any way.

  In fact, we have over 100 more articles that will be written after you and/or the person we totally believe is your leader,  Calaveras Supervisor of District 3, Oliveira kills us!!!

  The public should know that Oliveira has NEVER denied ANY of the statements the Sierra Sentinel has written over the past 3 years, about him. NOT ONE!!!

  Oliveira and the man he got appointed temporary Sheriff, (DiBasilio) are just alike and plan to run together in 2018!!

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