Saturday, July 1, 2017

OP-ED--Dear Mr. McClintock

     We must apologize!!

 In response to your recent letter
full of falsehoods and lies, claims of Trump victories and requests for money, I must clarify our strong stance for the PEOPLE, not the KKK.

 The ALT-RIGHT are pledged to make Trumps dream of a White Supremacist country by any means necessary, with tax money all going to the rich whites like him, to the detriment of all others and their medical benefits.

    Their plan is for a government run by the KKK, the Russian mob, and the rich corporate 1%,
and eliminating the minorities and poor from any assistance.

    What I object to is your tactics, Mr. McClintock.  Trump is doing everything he can to fulfill the campaign promises he made to the radical racist extremist and violent right wing, and in any corrupt way he must.

   The House celebrated like idiots with Trump for passing a ridiculous health care bill that has already been decimated in the Senate, in an attempt to take health care from the poor and minorities in the U.S.  Now the Senate is unable to even bring their bill up to a vote???

    You have not been able, even with all three branches of government, to pass any significant legislation because you within the Republican Party, don't even like EACH OTHER!

   You try to stop immigrants with a Muslim ban, harass minors who have been here for years, and the blessed Sanctuary Cities.  You even have attempted to steal the voters records from states.

    Racism, Racism Racism!!  You, Mr. McClintock, do NOT even live in OUR district, therefore you are a CARPETBAGGER!!  You should take your racist and hateful views and retire back to LA, where you really live.

   Your RADICAL, pro-violent ALT-RIGHT defends Trump, who is under investigation for Abuse of Power, Obstruction and now likely BLACKMAIL after his Morning Joe scandal came to light yesterday.

   You and your KKK buddies are trying to save the presidency of a horrid womanizer, racist and likely "A CROOK" and it will do you NO GOOD!! 

   The ALT-RIGHT and Tea Party friends of you and Trump, are manifestly intolerant of other peoples opinions, freedom of speech, (especially in the press), and are prone to BULLYING from the White House on down, insult and disrupt with CHAOS, putting our country in danger.

   Judging from the past few days, the AMERICAN people are getting tired of YOU, your TRUMP and the embarrassment of a President who has extreme mental problems, no self-control and hates everyone who disagrees with him, attempting to get even at every turn.

   In addition your now totally ALT-RIGHT racist party is trying to turn back every reform put in place over the past few years, anything to hurt those who disagree with your racist views.

   In closing, Mr. McClintock, I believe the American people (those who are NOT racist ALT-RIGHT) have learned a valuable lesson, just as we learned with McCarthy, Nixon and Reagan--we don't want corruption, hate and the incitement of violence you follow and espouse.

   At the end, and in the middle of your crazy letter, you ask for money, in order to continue your insane policies and support the KKK. 

    Sorry, carpetbagger, you lose.  As now Independents, we are sorry and embarrassed to admit that
 we were EVER registered Republicans!!




Anonymous said...

luv it. isn't that what trump wanted? an apology. very clever ssent

Anonymous said...

Keep resisting, all those who hate racist, extremist, corruption.