Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Way to GO, Joe!!!

Star and host of Morning Joe,
Joe Scarborough
   Like many of us who used to be registered Republicans, but can't handle the shame and hatred that is now the
Republican Party, Joe Scarborough had to do something about it.

   Just like Joe, although on a smaller level, the owner of the Sierra Sentinel and his wife have been the victims of Republican hatred, racism, violence, and were too ashamed to stay in a political party that encourages this.

  Therefore, just like us, and millions of others across the country with any education or love of country, he has become an independent.  And Joe Scarborough was the ESSENCE of conservatism in the Republican Party.

    He has seen close up, however, what the NEO Republicans are really like. Racist and religious prejudice are all that matter to these people and violence and threats of violence are their means to an end.

   We encourage all Republicans who are sick to death of these horrid people and the White House criminals they support, to become Independent.


Anonymous said...

That is a shocker! He's an extreme conservative. Shows what violence and attacks will do. There are Russian mafia in our White House!!

Anonymous said...

What Joe hd to learn the hard way is that these racist violent creeps will do anything to you if you don't agree with them. And that's ok'd from the WHouse.

Anonymous said...

Agree with him completely - people should register with the party whose philosophy aligns with their person values. The Republican party now is just not the republican party of the "old days" What is going on today is shameful.