Sunday, July 2, 2017

"You can trust us!", says corrupt Calaveras County

"Oh that smell!
No wonder the good deputies
leave here as soon as they
can get out!"
   As everyone who pays any attention or has ever had to deal with the Calaveras Supervisors or the temporary Sheriff in the county, trust is NOT the word used!

   Two years ago, an Urgency Ordinance was approved for cannabis farming in Calaveras County!
 "Come out of the shadows and file to be a LEGAL grower here.  Pay your fees and you can grow cannabis. You can TRUST us?"

   Trust is the last word most would use with the Calaveras Sheriff, the temporary one replacing the dead and most corrupt Sheriff we have ever known, Kuntz.

   The temporary Sheriff, who now campaigns with his wife for some reason, is supported by his campaign committee called Friends of the Calaveras Sheriff.  This group pretends not to be POLITICAL, but should be registered with the IRS as a Political Action Committee (PAC).

   The Sheriff (DiBasilio) brags about how he discovers illegal cannabis grows, sends his deputies out and arrests and cuts down the crop of cannabis, he says eliminating horrid criminals.

   However, the METH dealers, users and manufacturers he loves, and NEVER goes after them. Neither does our crooked DA YOOK (not her real name).  Her husband works for the Sheriff (conflict of interest and corruption).

   The Planning Department turns over the names and addresses of only those who are farming cannabis and then the bait and switch begins.  He goes out and arrests the farmers and cuts down their crop.  Corruption again and again. 

   This is why Calaveras (dead skulls) is known as backward, corrupt and the most racist, intolerant place you can live in California.    DO NOT TRUST THE SHERIFF or the District Attorney of Calaveras County!!  DEAD SKULLS in the creek should tell everyone the truth!!

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