Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Calaveras Temporary Sheriff encourages violence between neighbors???

   Sad, but true!  If you read the Calaveras Sheriff's daily log you will see that the temporary Sheriff Dibasilio is simply not fit to be a Sheriff.

   Over and over again we see, like we do on August 7, 2017 of neighbors calling for help, whether its a verbal altercation in Burson or eggs
and insults being thrown in Arnold, this Sheriff encourages the violence to escalate, because he does nothing!!

  Is he hoping for a big shooting like happened in Burson not long ago; all because deputies did not handle the situation properly from the beginning.

   I can remember dead Sheriff Kuntz once telling me that even though he got Michael Preston to admit the death threat of me, to him in email because of the writing against guns and racists and bad cops, that he wanted to wait until Preston actually tried to kill me so he would have something serious to charge him with.

   Yes, that is the corruption in Calaveras County. DiBasilio is Kuntz' protégé'!!   We have been encouraging the group who wants to form a vigilante organization here, to continue their efforts. 

    We  need someone to protect us from people like Michael Preston, the man who even threatened President Obama in a public restaurant, saying "Shoot the N*****!"  when his photo came on the TV.  He also, witnesses told us, put up his hands pointing his fingers as if a gun!!!

   And this is the campaign chair for Calaveras Supervisor Michael Oliveira and temp Sheriff DiBasilio, we are told. Sick, sick, sick!

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Anonymous said...

They're too busy cutting down pot to take care of us, the people.