Wednesday, August 16, 2017

City of Angels Camp admits wrongdoing questions?? Corruption!!!

Give me new truck!
I'll keep quiet, not
investigate, allow
racists to continue, etc.
   The Angels Camp Police Chief has released a statement to try and quell questions about him and his department regarding the Calaveras Grand Jury findings that the City of Angels Camp should be dissolved.

   Per the Police Chief Fordahl, who we have witnessed breaking the law ourselves:

   California Attorney General's Office investigating theft of public funds.  It goes on to say that the ex-City Administrator McHatten may have misappropriated public funds.

   It also says "IN THE NAME OF TRANSPARENCY".  Since we know that this City Administration, as well as the last, refuse transparency, we believe that to be a LIE!  Gee, sounds a lot like the TRUMP administration, doesn't it?

   The Chief goes on to say that they didn't have the ABILITY to do an investigation themselves.(another lie??)

   They have, in our opinion, been covering for each other at the City for years and years, and refused to answer any of our questions.  The new City Administrator is NO different. The City Attorney appears to cover for them also. 

   We would ordinarily call them all CROOKS and LIARS and of the MALFEASANCE alleged by the Grand Jury. Before they released this report, the Mayor pushed the answer to the GJ to get rid of it quickly before their voters found out how bad things are at the City.

   This City is NOT capable of handling the public monies appropriately. This has been clear for years, but they refuse to give up their POWER, generous pay and benefits and retirement!!!

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