Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If your neighbor shoots onto YOUR land....

In this case, a pellet gun was used by a
lazy bored scumbag who never liked to
work for a living, and thinks breaking the
law is lots of fun, especially
torturing innocent animals.
   If you are unfortunate enough to live near a mentally unstable person, who breaks the law freely without fear and shoots onto your land, what can you do? You have a right to shoot

   Meanwhile, you can protect the innocent birds from pain and suffering by creating a type of screen, making it more difficult to hurt the poor creatures. 

   If you have a sick, corrupt Sheriff, you may have to go to court or take the law into your own hands. But be careful. Also, save every single bird you find that was tortured and the right time will come to get even. 

   Oh, boy!  Yes!!  Getting even with a crazy fiend protected by an equally bad Sheriff is only right!!!! Not only is it against the law to shoot onto another persons land, but a deputy will tell you
that you have the right to protect yourselves. 

There are too many mentally disturbed nuts loose in these days of TRUMPITIS!!  Always save the evidence!!

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