Friday, August 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Anti-business Oliveira running again??

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    I'm writing this to you because you know and have been the brunt of that sick bunch of alcoholics and dirty cops, not to mention the postals, who work for our so-called District 3 Supervisor Oliveira.

   As you well know, Preston, McManus, the Strohmyers  (I know them both, yuk!)  and one other person, offered and did try to destroy the businesses of all those who refused to support him in his last campaign.  You can hear all about these wierdos if you go to their BAR or favorite w-house coffee shop.

   The now known gun wacks are still Prestons' and Meutterites hold on Oliveira. No reputable business person, not even the GABA, wants  anything to do with him.

   As you also well know, their gambit into destroying people who work hard (they certainely don't--laziest bunch of low-lifes I ever saw, and that's my opinion) didn't work.

   And now Oliveira has decided to try and act like a normal person, which he certainly isn't.  The problem is, who will run against this creep from down below?

   Sorry for the poor language. I'm learning to talk this way from my President, the TRUMP!! Isn't it wonderful???

    P in Arnold (Come on, Preston! Think you're so brave, short-stuff, ugly wire-haired poodle dog, sick racist, come on and get me)



Anonymous said...

He's pro-racist allright. I've heard him talk. he's pro-gun thug, and is he now laughing about the detwiler fire being caused by his friends. we need laws against people like him.

Anonymous said...

Oliviera doesn't even live in his district, he lives in Dubin