Sunday, August 13, 2017

Racism: A mental illness--Incurable??? LOCK THEM UP!!!

  Over the past year we've heard a lot of Trumpchump chants, including the famous "Lock them up"!

  It's time to chant back at the neo-nazi's, violent racist and white supremacist ALT-RIGHT Trumpchumps who are beloved by the current racist regime!

   There is no known cure for the mental illness called violent racism!  We need to "LOCK THEM UP" and throw away the key so they cannot hurt anyone!

   Their mantra of "Make America Hate again" (including hatred for Jews and
anyone else who doesn't agree with them) and "Make America White Again" are specifically signs of this extreme sickness!

 No amount of castor oil cannot cure this or clean this out of our democracy!

  LOCK THEM UP!! Protect us!  Lock them up!!!

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