Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Secret Supervisor meetings--NO Cameras allowed!!

  After getting the agenda for the Calaveras Supervisors Special Meetings today and tomorrow, we logged in to watch the video this morning.

  We should NOT be surprised to find that these 5 Supervisors Oliveira, Tofanelli, Mills, Clapp and Garamendi, are NOT allowing cameras in the meeting so they can deny saying things they don't want the public to hear!!!

   Even the Clerk's email is off-limits due to their holding these secret meetings at Ironstone Vineyards.  They can't keep the public out of the meetings, but they can refuse to allow it to be shown to the public through any videos. Yes, the corruption at Calaveras County continues to "shock and awe" the voters.

   How much are they spending to hold these meetings at Kautz, anyway.  Are they then trying to state that it is too expensive to film these meetings?

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Anonymous said...

I would be interested as to what the real agenda was ans what the two day event cost the tax payers. I wonder if Clyde Clapp spoke or just listened to Mr. Dennis Mill for direction