Thursday, August 17, 2017

White Supremacist interview: I'm a victim!!

   In an interview shown on CNN last night, a woman journalist was allowed access to a White Supremacist, even into the motel room with a cameraman.

   This White Supremacist made crude statements about the "bastard Jew"  Kushner having a pretty white Trump girl, and called the journalist the German term for lying newsperson.

  Then he took her into his motel room, where he explained how he and other whites are the poor victims of these blacks and other minorities, as he took 4 guns off himself and laid them on the bed in front of her.

   He explained that without all the weapons, he is afraid to go anywhere?  He even began crying, feeling sorry for himself.

   It was a sign of total paranoia, when must have been manifesting inside him due to propaganda from a father figure as a child, and now he is to the point that he can't work among regular people.  This is a sickness, no question about it. Sad, but true! 

   Many minorities who viewed this video, were shocked, since they have been the REAL victims of these racist Alt-Right groups their entire lives. 

 What can we do?  One person said this morning, that these White Supremacists need LOVE!  They never were loved as children and now just hate, hate, hate, anything different from them.

   What has this country come to, that these people are not getting the treatment they so desperately need?  Where is the mental health coverage for those who are so ill they cannot think straight??

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