Friday, August 11, 2017

Who will Governor Brown appoint as Calaveras judge??

   Much speculation surrounds the empty Superior Court judge position in Calaveras County.  One person we know is trying to get it is lawyer Ken Foley.

     He insists he is  not too old at 68,
but he is very close friends with the now Public Defender, which many say is a conflict of interest,
even having worked for Foley for some time.

   Foley even changed his political party  at the county clerk's office in order to be considered for the appointment by a Democratic Governor. 

   What is being said at the Calaveras Democratic Central Committee.   With Judge Healey now on the bench, the bench is heavily TRUMP-overload! WONK!  WONK!! 

  We had believed when he was running that he would be a moderate judge, but he has proven to be a right-wing wacko.  Could he even win another election? 

  Who else in the county is lobbying for the appointment to Barrett's seat?   The worst corruption going on at the court right now is the fact that the one-time court jester and current District 3 Supervisor, Oliveira has taken money from and has been supported by way too many associated with the court in San Andreas.

   We have seen decisions reached based on right-wing love of Oliveira, and we are told that the corruption at this court goes DEEP, even taking in local attorneys.


Anonymous said...

That Olivera is a creep and I think he's a total blowhard and crook. can't stand him. any one who likes him should not be a judge.

Anonymous said...

Oliviera can't go anywhere without Lisa or Tim holding his hand like his mommy or daddy, and on family night the dork sheriff and Kandy go too,,,they are a circus, besides, Oliviera is living in Dublin, that
s a crime

Anonymous said...

Your dear friend Governor Brown has shown his governorship style already in California. Calif. SB1 new gas tax law. Increase gas taxes from 18 cents per gallon to 30 cents per gallon.
Diesel tax: Increase from 16 cents to 36 cents per gallon. Diesel sales tax increase fro 1.75% to 5.75%.
New vehicle registration fee ranging from $25.00 to $175.00.

The old "for road repairs and maintenance and other transportation related projects", SCAM!
California the Premiere "INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE STATE!"
Barrett had the integrity to resign. Brown will appoint another Healey type of judge, deficient in respect to the law!