Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why is Calaveras CAO protecting temp Sheriff DiBasilio??

   No one should be surprised with the amount of malfeasance and corruption at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office, that DiBasilio, Supervisor Oliveira's CHUMP, is misusing public monies, as is being investigated by the State Attorney General.

  But why is the new Calaveras CAO Tim Lutz issuing press releases stating that he believes everything is legal and above board. Give us a break!  Now its on the next Supervisor agenda, most likely to change the law and make it legal to steal and misappropriate funds.

   It has been fairly obvious from the beginning that DiBasilio is not capable of running a Sheriff's department, neither morally, ethically or mentally.  That's why Oliveira wants him? He does what he's told by the Chair?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it, is the sheriff being investigated by the state? That's huge!

Anonymous said...

The sheriff dept misspent much more than was stated for the public to hear. This County is rampant with fraud all behind closed doors. They get a bunch of fees from growers and still manage to mess it up. Even with a new CAO, they are still a bunch of hoods with badges. Ridiculous the sheriff gives the news brief with all the busts. No police work just a call to the code compliance desk, hey are there any unregistered grows we can go raid? I will sure look good for all the bansters