Monday, December 4, 2017

One who doesn't believe about Corey Burnell

My oh my. Who could he be interviewing here?
Tom McClintock, like-minded????
   We received a comment about Corey Burnell, asking for proof that he is a White Separatist
and/or Supremacist.

   Burnell has been interviewed by myself, where he freely admitted his leanings and for trying to organize the Christian Exodus to South Carolina, be part of the League of the South, and was interviewed on FOX News regarding his stance.  Roy Moore is also connected with these groups.

   Don't believe it, check it out. There are also article written by other publications in our area after he returned from South Carolina, including the Sierra Sentinel. Why don't you ask him yourself and see if he denies it???

   So sorry to burst

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