Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Relief coming for residents near Candyrock

   The USFS gun range at Candyrock Quarry is a constant battle for peace and quiet and safety due to the crazy type people who shoot their guns at this location.

  Advertised as a gun range, but NOT legal, we have seen reports of trash, filth, dangerous shooting, drinking and shooting and most recently child pornography and possible KKK meetings.

   As of December 15, 2017 the gate will be locked, stopping those who don't want to carry their booze and guns, etc. down to the quarry.  It is scheduled to be re-opened in mid-April of 2018.

   To those residents near that area, enjoy your winter. This is probably the only time you could sell your homes, in addition to feeling safe and have some peace.

   Regardless of the USFS rule that if ANYONE is in the quarry, NO shooting is allowed, people have reported to us that they are frightened off, threatened and the rule is ignored by USFS. Sad, but true!!

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