Monday, August 20, 2018

Don't cry over losers and racists!

   A friend told us that they learned about a sad case in Calaveras:

    It is no one's fault but her own that she is now stuck with a worthless
fat racist and loser. She will have to spend the rest of her days, every day, dealing with a man who has always destested her and told everyone so!

   Fortunately, she detests him just as much. Not is she stuck with that creep, but she will have to live out her days in that shack with a leanto; no one feels sorry for her!

   She made her own bed!  People need to learn that when they get a chance to escape, they need to take it; not to settle for a few pennies the government may pay you to waste your life away.


Anonymous said...

Is it oliverra?

Anonymous said...

Could this be the one where guys whole fam talks about the wife that she is the crazy one? If she stays, then they're right, huh?

Anonymous said...

probly one of those gals who will sleep with any onld racist, lol