Friday, August 10, 2018

Oliveira could care less about Building Department

   Although there was a Closed Session about the evaluation of the head of the Calaveras
Building Department at Tuesday August 7, 2018 Supervisors meeting, nothing has changed.

   Complaints of incompetence, intentional delays and massive screw-ups within the department are relayed to the Sierra Sentinel daily.

   We have tried to get Supervisor Oliveira to help, but he is defensive of his personal friend, Short, who is basically destroying the department.

   Again this morning we tried to get him to respond to our questions and concerns. He refuses to answer or return calls. 

  We are warning all contractors in the area to beware of the Calaveras Building Department. What a shame, because the county makes money from the builders in this area and the builders support the community and all of the other businesses.

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