Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Stupid people make stupid comments

   We got some weird and off-color comments from the people who apparently frequent a bar in Avery.   Is this a RIGHT WING
Trump BAR???

   We do not post comments from RACISTS, GUN THUGS, DIRTY COPS or personal comments using names.

   One person said there is only family time at the bar, that there is a long-time family who owns it, and that ALCOHOL is the GOOD drug.  One denied that they try to destroy other businesses (but we have at least one witness)!

   One stated that cannabis is the GATEWAY drug to alcohol, then worse drugs.  One person said that there are people with mental health issues who hang out there or work there.

  Another said that just because they get drunk at a bar, doesn't mean the bar has anything to do with what happens to that person when they walk out.

   We believe that many either still are suffering from a hangover or are on something!  We are told that bar patrons are his biggest supporters!  We have not confirmed that!

   Yet another person stated that we should get rid of all the Supervisors and let Lutz (CAO) run the county. That's what they did in Flint, Michigan and we know how that worked out, don't we?

   One person even stated that they now own the referenced bar and that they were once employed by the owner of the Sierra Sentinel??  A few screws loose around there????


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that there are a couple of these 'stupids' who are drunken postals? lol

Anonymous said...

They likely got fired from some place else.