Sunday, August 5, 2018

We owe Supervisor Merita Callaway an apology

Re-ELECT Merita Callaway
Supervisor District 3
We need her!!!
   For years we heard stories from two truly sick racists in Ebbetts Pass about
Supervisor Callaway.  They both refer to women in elected office or positions of power as C****!

   The apology is for not specifically asking Callaway if a filthy lie perpetuated by these two scumbags was true or not.

   We ask your forgiveness for failing to get all the details about your time at PG&E, Merita!  We

both learned something yesterday!

   Never believe anything a racist says!! The criminal element in our county is mainly RACIST SCUM just like these two, we firmly believe! Watch out for them!

   Do we have to name them???  And the worst part is that they are both lovers of Oliveira!  No wonder he is losing!

   Supervisor Callaway has never stopped trying to help residents in District 3, she has never stopped being our Supervisor!

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