Saturday, August 11, 2018

White Supremacists war against WHITES!!!

   The Sierra Sentinel has reported that a small group of neo-Nazi kkk lovers in Calaveras County threatened, damaged property, and committed various
other crimes because they HATE what the Sierra Sentinel writes against racism, dirty cops and gun violence!

   This has become a threat to not only journalists but anyone who DARES to challenge their sick agenda of HATE!

   On the West Coast 2 new groups have recently raised their ugly heads; Proud Boys, who must be a
gay white supremacist group and Patriot Prayer, who must be religious fanatic White Supremacists, are being watched by the FBI.

   You see, these wacko nut cases don't just hate minorities, but also hate any WHITE person who doesn't agree with their insanity!!  Be careful out there. THEY LIVE HERE, TOO!!

   Called a culture war on Whites, Laura Ingraham seems to be one of the FOX leaders in the movement!


Anonymous said...

I hear the proud boys symbol is a rooster, lol

Anonymous said...

Well, that prayer group is a pro-trump right wing radical pretending to be peaceloving but starting confrontations on the west coast