Friday, July 21, 2017

And Proud Fire Family wrote:

   As a comment to the Detwiler Fire Overwhelms CalFire we got this comment from ProudFireFamily: (Sierra Sentinel comments in parentheses)

   "I can understand the frustration
with upper management and bureaucracy of any large business, which is what Calfire is. However, please do not discredit what the men and women are accomplishing on the front lines.  I have grown up in the fire department and since married into it. The majority of these people have a deep love for what they do and sacrifice everyday to save lives and property.

   My husband returned to work only 3 weeks after our baby boy was born. (Paid leave of absence for having a baby is a real nice benefit most of us do NOT have--must be tough)  All because he knew his coworkers and the community needed him.  My father works day in and day out to protect his community, not Calfire, and has yet to meet his grandson because of his job."

  (Just like the police, the fire agencies all love and support each other and make sure they get great benefits--not sure this was a good recommendation)

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