Sunday, July 16, 2017

Be careful what VET you choose

   As people who love animals, we have probably visited many of the vets in Calaveras County.

   We have had one serious problem, however. Not with the care, but with a dog-poisoner loving vet assistant.

   While waiting for a vet, a young man had come in and begged for help with his bill and asked if it could be lowered because he was having a hard time. He was tired and had taken off work and when he was refused, he asked for his records to take to another vet.

  Again, this was refused.  We might not have thought too much about it, but while our dog was being treated, we mentioned having to call the Sheriff about a trespasser and wanted our dog checked out. We had fear of dog poisoning.

   Then a vet assistant actually defended the dog poisoner.  That was it!!  This was the vet we had brought our poisoned dog to for treatment and it cost us $1000 for treatment.  We never complained because we love our animals.

    The poisoner NEVER paid us for the damages. Only the sickest mental cases can abuse animals.

   I learned that the dog-poisoners were bragging that this vet was giving them FREE vet service, and the dog poisoner admitted it. 

  I think something is seriously wrong with people who refuse to help a hard working honest animal lover, but go out of their way to give FREE vet service to an ANIMAL ABUSER????

   Needless to say, we changed vets!!!  I could not allow that woman to ever touch one of OUR animals again.  We never got an apology and were unable to locate the poor honest young man to offer our understanding of how upset he was.

   Can you even imagine a VET assistant, with their hands on your pet, loudly stating defense of a dog-poisoner???? We can't!  And this continues to this day!!!  

   If the low-life woman had been fired, I might have felt differently, but I have to protect our wonderful animals.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Is this person still allowed around animals cause I don't want her around mine.

Anonymous said...

ditto and who is the poisoner

Anonymous said...

I hear phones ringing, ringing, ringing

Anonymous said...

No one could be friens with a person who could hurt an animal, much less a vet person. Somebody at that vet is crazy for their choices.

Anonymous said...

The real answer of guilt involving the vet is 'did they report the poisoning and who did it' to the sheriff or did they protect them? that is the question and the answer says everything.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, when no one is arrested for something like this, PAY THEM back!! Do they have a dog!

Anonymous said...

Now there's an intelligent idea. Get even by being the same type of scum. This is the Sheriff's job. make his do it or tell the Grand Jury.