Sunday, July 16, 2017

City of Angels worried about ARRESTS of councilpersons????

   The Mayor of Angels Camp, (the City of no regard) seemed ridiculous as the council spent so much time trying to help Mr. Big Pot McmAnus ban cannabis everywhere in Calaveras County.

   Julie McmAnus outright lied and said they would get no money if they allow cannabis. The Mayor is worried, he says, about getting arrested by his buddy Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

   If they allow cannabis commercially, they will, of course, get money. If they ban, NOTHING!! The old City Council person sitting on the left, says cannabis is against the US Constitution. Another lie!!

    A lie by the Chief of Police Fordahl that crime in Denver is up due to cannabis was yet another lie! Crime in Denver is up due to the population and has NOTHING to do with Cannabis!!

These people are so ignorant, they should be arrested;  for MALFEASANCE of our Tax Dollarss!!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think these people are competent.