Sunday, July 9, 2017

CalFire says CLEAR-CUT only answer to fires????

   In a press release CalFire has again repeated that embers from a wildfire can travel over a mile to the next dry spot and start a new fire.  Then they say
clear-cut to protect yourself from this fire! Are they kidding??

   As we learned in our Butte Fire, even though one person cleared and cleared for 100's of yards, the embers flew over that area and landed beyond to start another fire. 

  CalFire also has signs up saying clear for WILDLIFE!!  What a crock that is!  If you clear everything, there will be NO wildlife because they will have nothing to eat or cover to live in, so both claims they make are LIES!!!

   Yes, SPI is clearing for WILDLIFE all right!  That's why we have so many of the forest creatures here in our residential areas.   They are CLEARING AWAY the wildlife from the forest, along with clear-cutting all the trees to send to CHINA!!!

   Before the Butte Fire, we had confidence in our CalFire management to stop fire before they kill people and animals, and destroy thousands of properties.  We've lost that respect and confidence now.

  Also, in becoming aware of the behavior personally of some CalFire employees, it is difficult to have respect for any of them. The bad ones set the example for the public. Did you ever try living near one of them??? Not nice!!

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