Sunday, July 9, 2017

How should cops treat a bad cop??? Why is Calaveras Sheriff so BAD???

  Last night on a detective show, it was made clear by one police Captain that once a cop crosses the line and becomes one of the criminals that they will treat them the same
as any other criminal.

   Of course, that is NOT true in Calaveras County!  The dirty cops are treated like precious representatives of law enforcement !  They just had horrid LYING women report them for things they NEVER did, right??? 

    In fact, we have email evidence of this with our temporary Sheriff who wants to run in 2018. Why do you think all the good officers LEAVE Calaveras as soon as possible?  It's simple, if you just pay attention!!

   Do you think they want away from the corruption that DiBasilio encourages? Do you think they worship other DIRTY COPS???   Why should they when they work hard NOT to be dirty!!

    Do you think they like the FALSE reports DiBasilio promotes his officers for writing?? We have evidence in writing of this practice at the Calaveras Sheriff's department. 

   If the person the lowest on the totem pole gets appointed by Oliveira, is it because he knows he can control him??  That is what we are told. 

   We also have evidence that DiBasilio tries to block FREEDOM of the PRESS.  He uses his female officers for this purpose. He thinks that's all they are good for, apparently. 

   Seems only his drinking buddies are the promoted ones.  Same as KUNTZ?????

   So, keep voting for the corrupt ones, like we totally can see DiBasilio as, and Calaveras County will continue to be known as the most CORRUPT, backwards and incompetent county in California!!!

   We agree with the Captain in the show last night!  A dirty cop is a dirty cop and should always be treated like a dirty cop!! 

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