Saturday, August 5, 2017

Have you ever been a dirty cop??

  Anyone referred to as a 'Dirty Cop' needs to answer a few simple questions:

   Do you deny that you ever were a Dirty Cop?

   Were you ever turned in by a fellow officer for beating up a young Hispanic man in the back of a police car?

   How many other minorities did you abuse before being finally turned in???

   Have you ever falsified a report in any way?

   Do you hate minorities?  How about women?  Do you believe all women make up bad things about you?

  Do you have a well-known VOLATILE TEMPER??  You could ask the neighbors!!

  Was any person you beat up still in handcuffs??

   Were you ever charged with a crime in regard to any beating incident while representing a reputable law enforcement organization?

   Were you ever fired from any law enforcement agency?

   Were you ever on trial for any incident involving law enforcement and abuse??

   Was there NEWS coverage about any of your actions? Have you ever been known to lie???

   Now answer this question?  ARE YOU A DIRTY COP????

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