Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Renting Moose-Gate Bridge for District 3 Supervisor Oliveira

   District 3 in Calaveras County's Supervisor Oliveira tried to sneak the new Moose-Gate Bridge agenda item onto August 8, 2017 Consent Agenda secretly.

   Mr. McManus pulled the item
and went through all the many ways Oliveira has tried to skip this item through in order to get re-elected by having the Loyal Order of the Moose vote for him.

   Last meeting it was rent for 2 years and then own for $100 to now paying nearly $400,000 for Oliveiras re-election.

   Supervisor Garamendi asked many questions of Krovitz, including why the cost has gone up every time it is brought before the board.  Oliveira sat silently!  The Auditor had REFUSED to sign the check most recently due to it not being on the approved budget.

   Corruption, corruption, corruption in District 3, Supervisor Oliveira. One member of the public called attention to the fact that this is a BRIDGE TO NOWHERE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah Palin can help with building the bridge to nowhere since she is an expert at that. But I would prefer you stake him out in the desert and pour boiling water over him then gut him pull out his intestines and let the wild boars feast just like the Indians did to stupid white men!