Monday, September 11, 2017

Angels Camp's Mary Kelly: Let's start harrassing property owners AGAIN!!

Hey Kelly! Hand me another bullet,
will ya?
   The City of Angels Camp should have already given up its right to be a city. Stealing from taxpayers, wrecking police cars recklessly and making sure no property owners
have rights (except their special friends) is their stock in trade.

  David Hanham, we believe the WORST planning director, along with other racists in that department, came before the City Council to agree with Kelly that it is time to go after certain people
again. "Let's start early!"  Hanham said.

   He and Kelly so screwed up the old General Plan and now it's time to start working on another one; they are so corrupt and malfeasance is the name of their game.  Give it up and put the town of Angels back into the hands of the County of Calaveras.

  You two, along with this incompetent City Council, have screwed it up so badly, a new business would be crazy to move here. 

  Kelly, have you and Hanham paid the taxpayers back yet from the last theft????

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