Friday, September 29, 2017

Should climbing at Yosemite be banned?

   After the rockfall at Yosemite this week, which killed one and injured others, many are questioning whether all the climbing is causing the rocks to come loose and fall.

   While a USFS ranger came on TV and assured everyone its perfectly normal, it does seem that all the tapping of new nails in the rocks is possibly causing the problem.  Maybe they should consider banning climbing.


Anonymous said...

Tapping of new nails (called pitons) has been banned for decades. Rocks have been falling in Yosemite for at least 10,000 years (end of last ice age). Banning climbing will do nothing to protect against rock falls. I admit, it would reduce fatalities and injures associated with rock falls; but those are risks every climber understands and should have the right to submit THEMSELVES to.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean they can't sue the government?