Friday, September 22, 2017

Has Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira lost credibility?? Put Garamendi in NOW???

   With Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira being the BOSS, the CHAIR, the LEADER, is the most important thing in his life. In other words he never recovered from being a COP!!

   No we hear that three supervisors want Oliveira out, but that one of the three, Tofanelli of D1 wants to wait until his time as chair is up in December.

   The reasons appear to be, and we have witnessed some of this:

   He is unable to properly prioritize when setting the agenda (incompetence).

    HE is unable to regain control of a meeting when the public becomes involved. (Mills helps him keep track of where he is).

   HE lacks the ability to properly distinguish allowable comment from politically charged insults during Public Comment.

    He insists on using the Chair position for campaigning. Edson had this problem also, and ended up losing his job.  The compelling desire to make oneself look good from the podium is uncontrollable with some elected officials.

   He refuses to change the meetings to weekly, resulting in lengthy and toward the end, incomprehensible discussions and decisions.  Nearly everyone agrees this needs to change.

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Anonymous said...

Mills will throw him under the bus when his scheme to become chair starts. Mills will be the new chair and be ready because Calaveras County will never recover from his plans. Mills is the problem as he was at the water dept