Thursday, September 21, 2017

Calaveras Sheriff arrest for Conspiracy to grow more than 6 cannabis plants

   On September 20, 2017 the temporary Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, arrested 4 people and cut down their cannabis grow on Ridge Road in Railroad Flat.

   Misdemeanor charges
for growing more than 6 cannabis plants were added to by charging them with alleged Conspiracy to Grow more than 6 cannabis plants, a criminal conspiracy being a felony.

   There was one who was at the site and was allegedly a felon in possession of a firearm.  Was this a farm that had applied to the County and been turned down?  Does this Sheriff have NOTHING else to do?  How about going after the REAL criminals in Calaveras. The violent racists!

   How can voters elect someone who wants to do nothing else but chase marijuana growers. If he can't manage his time better and use good judgment, he should NOT be sheriff.


Anonymous said...

3.2015-064 AMENDMENTS to TITLE 17 REGULATING CANNABIS CULTIVATION AND COMMERCE: The County proposes to amend Title 17 to replace Chapter 17.95, an urgency ordinance adopted on May 10, 2016 with a permanent ordinance banning the cultivation of and commercial uses associated with cannabis, including testing, distribution and manufacturing. An Environmental Impact Report, State Clearinghouse #2016042019 has been prepared for the subject ordinance. (Peter Maurer, Planning Director)

part of the upcoming agenda Sept28/29Planning Commission meeting. This county will go nuclear if they vote for a ban

This is all MILL/CLAPP possibly TOFF. He proposed it and they directed planning to draft it

Anonymous said...

He never goes after the real criminals. Easy to catch cannabis growers. more than 6 placts. whoopee.

Anonymous said...

Oliveira isn't fooling me. He is trying to play it both ways, hoping both sides will vote for him. He is the most corrupt person I've ever known. typical COP!! I understand he worked as a bailiff. How could that ever happen???