Thursday, September 21, 2017

Should we be asking more questions of CAO Lutz? About Supe special monies...

   As most of us know, the corruption in Calaveras County has been ongoing for many, many years. Trying to clean it all up is more of a task than any one CAO can handle.

   However, we have had some suggestions from an anonymous source:

 "A few good questions to ask CAO Lutz. What are the individual tiers of spending requirements for each supe?

   At what level do they need approval and from who do they get approval.  If they hire an assistant or can they hire an assistant?

   If so what qualifications does the assistant need to get hired?

   Who accounts for the hired assistants pay and are the hired assistants 1099 or is payroll involved?

   Are the hired assistants insured etc? 

   Anything $600  or over is required to be taxed.  If Mr. Mills pays his wife as we know he does, do they file joint tax returns and if so he is actually paying himself.

   This needs investigation to expose his lies and fraudulent dealings."

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lawyer talking.