Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Great Right White Flight!!! (GRWF)

  Did you see the interview last night of a "conservative right wing" realtor in Texas who helps people who want out of California to relocate in
his state?

   Whether its the 'horrible homos', the 'N's, or the "evil environmentalists" they want to live amongst people who think and look like them.

  In our area it's termed 'Great White Flight'!  The realtor said that liberals do not need to move and live among only their "OWN", because they are very open-minded.

   The show host asked what they will do when Texas turns blue, will they have to keep moving to be among their own kind?  The realtor shook his head and said he doesn't think so.

   Laughing seemed to be the best response, and I'm still laughing!

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