Monday, September 25, 2017

Protestors get into fight in Angels Camp

  People calling themselves Justice for Cici, have been spending a lot of time protesting ONE place, where they believe all abuse of animals occurs; in Angels Camp.

   There is one Arnold resident who drives around with many protest signs in the back of a jeep,
pulling  an old trailer, and she is often seen protesting.  We do not know the name of this woman. One of the protestors according to police, went to her car and got a stick!

   According to Angels Camp Police, they got a call on September 23, 2017 around 1:35 PM that a fist fight was going on at the Pet Bath on Main Street near the Rite Aid drug store.

   Protestors say a couple accosted them and then took off in an unidentified car. Angels Camp Police are investigating the incident.  We have never seen these protestors at any other location where animal abuse is known to have occurred.  Do they have a history with this couple??

  What is going on here?? They have attempted to get the involved in their protest, but we have avoided them.  The problem is, we do not understand what their agenda is!!

   If these people want to know where it would be more important to protest evil people who abuse animals we could tell them. They don't seem interested; only in THIS case!!

   We refused to give them more publicity; so is this an attempt to get more publicity for their cause? We are confused and a little suspicious!!

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