Friday, September 22, 2017

Hunting Safety for KKK Candyrock kooks!!!

Hey!  I'm a ready!!!!
   Always tell your wife you will be hunting somewhere out in the woods, so you can go see your girlfriend
without worry of getting caught.

  Never go hunting and drinking alone. Always take boozin' buddies with you, so you can carry each other home and have someone else to help you lie.

   If you  bother to check the weather, always remember it will be a lot warmer, so wear your sexiest swimsuit and never take heavy clothing you would most likely have to lug around all day (and night).

   Always look twice before shooting at an orange vest. It could be a cop!

   You make yourself quite a target by wearing bright orange, so wear inconspicuous colors. Those deer know you're an AH and can be mean. They are also excellent shots!

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