Friday, September 22, 2017

Supervisor Oliveira campagin supporter Alice Montgomery

This is apparently a scene that Montgomery adores!!!
   Alice Montgomery, previous owner of Cedar Center in Arnold, is an ARDENT campaign supporter of District 3 Supervisor

  She regularly attends and rants at Calaveras Supervisor meetings AGAINST Cannabis, loudly complaining about herbacides used, but NEVER would say anything against the horrid herbacides used by her friends at SPI!!!

   These herbacides used by clear-cutters are IN our water supply and she doesn't seem to care!!


Anonymous said...

She is a bonafide lier and very confused woman

Anonymous said...

Montgomer pretends to be nice, but I think she's wicked. She donated office space to Oliveira, loves his gun buddies, epecialy Preston and Mcermans

Anonymous said...

Beware the campaign witch of eb pass