Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dr. Smith is correct! Cannibis NOT EVIL!! Evil is the KKK at Candyrock!!!

   During Public Comment of the September 26, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, Dr. Smith of District 3, spoke in favor of Cannabis farmers and against the crazy people who call farmers EVIL, and say they all have guns and are violent.

   Dr. Smith is correct. Citizens are in more danger from the kkk of Candyrock shooters and dirty racists who threaten women and a black President (in public).

   We need to "LOCK THEM UP", and realize that these self-described religious zealots, have mental problems.  If a farmer has a gun it's most likely to protect themselves from CRAZY RACISTS who live in Calaveras. 

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Anonymous said...

Are u talkin about Preston, McManus, Olivera and trohm, the racist trolls everyone knknows about in D3?