Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Calaveras Sheriff invades privacy of homeowners--DANGEROUS helicopter searches!!!!

Choppers similar to this one have been seen
flying dangerously low. Guns and or cameras
have been seen inside. Corrupt Calaveras County
Sheriff may be to blame!!
   The Calaveras Sheriff uses an unmarked helicopter to try and secretly locate cannabis grows of people who they suspect of growing more than 6 plants
in the county, we are told! Is there NO limit to his corrupt powers??? Residents are scared!! Of the

   These helicopters fly way too low, do NOT file flight plans and are allowed to violate the privacy of innocent landowners.  The temporary Sheriff DiBasilio, sends these helicopters out, without any notice to nearby landowners. 

   We understand property owners have been terrified and are now threatening to defend themselves from these armed helicopters. They are dangerous!!!

   The corruption that goes on at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office is undeniable. They have no respect for the innocent hard working voters of the county, but love, protect and worship the racist, dirty, no-good cops that are allowed to live here. 

   We understand that many complaints made to the Sheriff's Office does NOTHING!  There is no one overseeing the wrongdoing of the Sheriff and his men!  They fly so low, some have witnessed they nearly crash.

  When seen from the ground by the property owner, they RUN!! And we mean, they GUN their gas and head out of the area.  They apparently have guns and cameras inside the small choppers!

   Calaveras is the most CORRUPT county in California. The Grand Jury does NOTHING to end this. and the temporary Sheriff is running for election, lying and saying he is NOT a CROOK?????

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Anonymous said...

It is illegal for them to fly too low. Everyone should report any problems to the local law enforcement.