Monday, September 25, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Trump

   Dear Editor:

   I know, I know, you get lots of letters about the racist in the White House. Well, think about this for a minute.

   He used the race issue every time his political agenda is failing; and it is failing. Now Repeal and Replace, or just repeal for the 60th time.

   He's trying to distract his base and let them know he still loves their KKK wishes, even though he can't get anything done in Congress.

   There is a mental issue with the man, but he is good at trying to keep people divided and hating each other.

    J in Copper


Anonymous said...

It seems inevitable that he is going to get a war started one way or another. What an awful mess things have become since January.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Trump took an oath to back the constitution, but is now speaking against the 1st amendment.

Anonymous said...

How would it have been if Hilary won?

Anonymous said...

Most likely a continuance of the calm, thoughtful and caring policies of Obama. That would have been nice. Instead we got a crazy racist nut!

Anonymous said...

We wish for the days of calm, caring, knowledgeable Obama.